Pronounced ‘Loo Ga Roo’, which translates from the Creole word for ‘folkloric werewolves’, this New York, USA based group mine musical territory in the classic Cajun tradition, updated through their fierce employment of traditional instruments and contemporary technology: "Our music is about celebration", is how they themselves surmise their method, which has thus far ingratiated them to an ever expanding audience.


The group comprises Jimmy Macdonell (b. Lafayette, Louisiana, USA; accordion/vocals), Jim Gregory (b. West Virginia, USA; bass), George G. Recile (b. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; drums), Mark Dufault (b. New York, USA; guitar), Neil Thomas (b. Philadelphia, USA; keyboards; ex-Surreal McCoys) and Ronin (b. Brooklyn, New York, USA; vocals/washboard). Their early shows quickly attracted several famous name advocates. David Byrne was one, going on to recruit Macdonell on his "Don’t Fence Me" cut for the Red, Hot And Blue Cole Porter charity tribute. Bryan Ferry booked the group to open his American tour after witnessing just one show, and other celebrity fans include Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club), Robert Palmer, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Paul Simon, who employed the group on his Rhythm Of The Saints tour and invited Macdonell to contribute to that album. The band made its soundtrack debut in John Sayles’ film Passion Fish.